In a small store, on the northwest side of Chicago the idea of providing all natural products to consumers is how it all began. A father and now son decided to look for the foods made the way our grandparents had it. Brought up on small farms in Poland we understood that the most natural way was with out pesticides, hormones and with as little interference in mother nature as possible. With the hustle and bustle of today it is hard to find that. With those thoughts we pursued to find those farmers that carry on the way our grandparents and great grandparents did and with those thoughts in mind Calma Optimal Foods was founded.

Calma Foods is a Chicagoland food distribution company of Amish made all natural products. Settled in the hills and valleys of America ís Midwest we bring to you the old fashioned and all natural way of farming. We travel to individual farms on a weekly basis to bring back the freshest all natural foods which can only be proven by their taste.

We believe that food in its natural state with no added preservatives and no harmful chemicals in its soil is the healthiest way of life.